Nintendo’s E3 Detailed – Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.27.18

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Tim and Greg run down the Big N’s E3 plan!

00:03:06 – Housekeeping
MCU in Review – A: Infinity War is up, God of War Spoilercast
It’s my birthday, give me the gift of a dollar.
The Roper Report –
00:05:20 – Nintendo Rock Block
00:19:53 – PS4 Worldwide Shipments reach 79 million
00:20:56 – Dragon Quest X Director Leaving, via Kotaku
00:23:30 – The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:31:19 – How do you think this shared experience will affect other aspect of our culture and way of life? – Michael Cabral
00:36:37 – Can we please talk about Pokemon. When is it coming and why do I have to wait so long? – Ignacio Rojas
00:40:07 – Where will the ‘decade of dreams’ take us next? – Wispa
00:43:42 – When will Square Enix learn that Tomb Raider isn’t a mega-hit that can go toe to toe with other mega-hit franchises – Ryan
00:48:10 – Last night I heard an ad that one of them (98.5 the sports hub) is debuting an all esports show. (tho Sunday night at 11p…). This despite the hard core sports crowd in the area. Does this have anything to do with the owner of the Patriots owns the Boston Overwatch League team. Maybe?
What do you guys think about this new medium for esports? Will other cities follow? – Deke
00:51:00 – Squad Up: Crow Captain (Xbox One)
00:52:00 – Hayley (RugbyPrincess)
00:53:02 – You‘re Wrong
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