Dead Rising Kills Puzzle Fighter – Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.20.18

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Capcom’s pulling the plug on Puzzle Fighter to focus on Dead Rising. Andrea and Greg discuss and take your questions!

00:01:52 – Housekeeping
#KFTourney Championship: Barb v Elyse –
The Roper Report –
00:05:23 – Capcom Closing Down Puzzle Fighter
00:07:16 – A Glimpse of Future Xbox Tech, via IGN
00:11:31 – Deadpool 2 Director signs on to Division Movie, via GameSpot
00:14:55 – The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:22:33 – PSN names! – your Friendly Neighborhood devtester
00:26:20 – Are there any other franchises out there that should end, or even sell themselves as being an end with the upcoming entry? – Nick
00:35:15 – Which is the most essential game for someone who is new to Sony consoles? – Brendan in Chicago
00:37:15 – Did you get that feeling like they looked at other great games and just totally nailed mechanics that needed improving and if so which games do you see? – Kenny aka CaptGeech
00:40:15 – My question is, and I understand I’m dancing around spoilers, but exactly how emotional is God of War’s story, particularly in comparison to The Last of Us? – Will from Vermont
00:43:38 – Squad Up: Kasey (PS4) – Spreken
00:45:20 – Required reading – Cory’s God of War Review Reaction Video
00:46:14 – PUBG Update with Dan!
00:48:18 – You‘re Wrong
Tomorrow’s host: Greg and Andrea


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