CD Projekt Red Bringing RPG to E3 – Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.30.18

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Greg and Tim run through the days news — including CD Projekt Red’s E3 plans!

00:02:50 – Housekeeping
Final day of Early Bird Prom tickets and Fan Mail (Fan Mail is Promposals)
Thursday, I’m in LA doing Movie Fights with ScreenJunkies to benefit Women in Film. All the info:
The Roper Report –
00:05:35 – CD Projekt Red Bringing RPG to E3, via IGN
00:09:37 – Red Dead Trailer Incoming
00:11:45 – Phil Spencer on JRPGS at Microsoft E3
00:16:56 – Call of Juarez series return to Techland after Ubisoft
00:20:05 – The official list of upcoming games
Reader mail –
00:25:00 – What are the chances that my boy Goku makes it into Smash at E3? – Leo from SF
00:27:00 – What size TV do you recommend people play on? – Parker Begale
00:31:00 – What are your thoughts of Borderlands 3 being shown at this year’s E3, and one out of left field, do you think its possible of a Lost Planet 4 being shown? – Tyler
00:36:55 – After listening to Cory Barlog’s thoughts on God of War and hearing him explain how important it is to strike a balance between player agency and hand-holding, particularly at the beginning of a game, I’m left wondering if the same kind of “hand-holding” isn’t as important at the very end of a game? – Christian Nava
00:40:38 – Do you guys have any examples of games that seemed incredibly hyped up by everyone, but you were completely disinterested in? – dhcanada
00:43:30 – Squad Up: Bryan Z (Xbox) – Jon E Chiimpo (spaces and 2 I’s in Chiimpo)
00:44:55 – GREG YOU DUMB!
00:: – You‘re Wrong
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