H2K vs. G2 Esports – Semifinal Game 3| EU LCS Summer Playoffs | H2K vs. G2 (2017)

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VoD of H2K vs. G2 Esports (Game 3)
EU LCS Summer Playoffs Semifinal 2017 #EULCS

Casters : Deficio and Drakos
Analyst Desk: Sjokz, Vedius, Maxlore (MSF)
Interview: Sjokz with Perkz, Zven and Mithy (G2)

Full Lineup:
H2K Line up:
• Odoamne – Top Cho’gath
• Jankos – Jungle Gragas
• Febiven – Mid Syndra
• Nuclear – ADC Ashe
• Chei – Support Thresh

G2 Esports Line up:
• Expect – Top Gnar
• Trick – Jungle Sejuani
• Perkz – Mid Cassiopeia
• Zven– ADC Varus
• Mithy – Support Tham Kench

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