G2 vs. UOL – Week 3 Day 2 | EU LCS Summer Split | G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love (2018)

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VoD of G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love
EU LCS Summer Split 2018 #EULCS

Casters: Drakos and Ender
Analyst Studio: Sjokz, Vedius and Jarge
Interview: PiraTechnics with Odoamne, Wunder and Jankos

Full Line up:
G2 Esports Line up:
• Wunder – Top Aatrox
• Jankos – Jungle Trundle
• PerkZ – Mid Lucian
• Hjärnan – ADC Heimerdinger
• Wadid – Support Shen

Unicorns of Love Line up:
• WhiteKnight – Top Dr. Mundo
• Kold – Jungle Kindred
• Exileh – Mid Zoe
• Samux – ADC Ezreal
• Totoro – Support Pyke

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL. FULL VOD PLAYLIST

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